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coal and what it could mean is greenpeace climate and energy campaigner kelly mitchell. welcome inside "the war room." >> thank you. >> jennifer: so why are mining companies moving to export coal overseas? >> right now is a pretty terrible time to be a coal industry executive. for decades it has been the major source of energy. but that is reversing, and that is a huge success story for people concerned about climate change and public health but that is a terrible reality for coal executives and their financiers. so now they are getting the stuff out of the u.s. and into emerging economies. >> jennifer: so is that why coal is now a dollar a ton? these companies are buying it for so cheap; is that why? >> that is sort of a scandal in of itself. the majority of coal is from an area called the power river basin, and most of that is federally owned coal, and the federal government is responsible for -- >> jennifer: wait, when you say federally owned coal, you are talking it is leased -- they go down, but it is on public lands. >> exactly. it is on public land
, two topics that you brought in -- the cloud and energy efficiency. what did you talk about? >> the reality is that they are both kind of related. the cloud allows ways to collect, store, and analyze data in ways that we have never done before. as we relate to energy, every device that plugs into your home can be connected to the cloud and send data. as we analyze the data, we have new ways to help you save energies in ways we never did possible before. we can manage the entire home electrical he in the most efficient way -- electrically in the most efficient way through the cloud. it presents other opportunities. the cloud is a big server. we have ways to analyze the data in a useful fashion. >> what about apps? >> we do not make any apps, but the great operating systems that are happened so that apps can be developed. you mentioned your tv earlier. it has an open architecture. that means apps developers can create apps for this tv. >> you are the first north american ceo -- correct? >> i am. >> what is it like merging the two cultures? >> i'm not sure if i want to answer t
,000 mark for the first time in five years. but how does exxonmobil and chevron, two down energy stocks, and what is their impact on the move. josh lipton is with us. hi, josh. >> each sector has had a different role in the push it 14,000. first up, exxon which beat expectations on the bottom line on strong results and its chemical and refining businesses. but the oil giant also told us that it produced less oil and gas than it said it would back in march. stock right now, basically flat but since the peak in 2 thu 7, energy giant is actually down about 3% of the 880-something point we tacked on in 2013. exxon only contributed 26 points. then chevron, better than expected fourth quarter earnings as its refining business boosted profits. stock right now showing modest gains. but a better long-term story here. chevron is actually up about 24% since october 2007 and has added 60 points to this year's surge. worth noting, the role of the energy sector has also played in this broader rally between 2009 and 2013. energy lagged one of the reasons for nervousness last year, investors anticipate
. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut album. how you ask? with 5-hour energy. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours. >> on the day we found out dell is taking itself private, it is worth remembering that 15 years ago, dell was among the hottest tech stocks out there. these days you don't want to hear about dell. if it goes public again, it will be more styling with the times. when it comes to tech, you want to hear about the companies that represent the future not the past. stocks with momentum. tonight, we are going off the charts with the help of bob lyon, doing well for us. the founder and senior strategist and my colleague at he works with me on the pay site. the four names are fang. fang. fang for short. these are the stocks that seem to be moving higher of late. what is fang? facebook, amazon netflix and google. they all take major bites out of the bears. fang was also the dog on "get smart." as we approach one of the most important days of the year for the stock market, my birthday. if you
them $2.66 an hour in pesos. bloom energy makes fuel cells and sells energy to companies like at&t, coca-cola, google and walmart. a judge ordered them to pay back wages and damages. >> traffic at san francisco international hit a new record in 2012 more than 44 million passengers flew in and out san francisco last year. it is the busiest year in history. last year, flights at sfo accounted for 66 percent of all regional airline travel dwarfing 15 percent in san jose and 14 percent in oakland. the busiest? that goes to as many times in the past, atlanta international, with more than 95 million passengers in 2012. >> a veterinarian will check out a camel this morning to make sure it is okay after a bizarre accident in concord. the camel escaped not once but twice yesterday. the second time it was hit by a vehicle. remarkably the camel appears okay. you can see someone catching the animal. then the animal was spotted in the middle of the road and began grazing on the grass in the shoulder. police were able to get the camel back into the pen. i can hear, why did the camel across the
hours where this is enough energy for thunder and small hail and snow down to 2,500'. when the storm passes we will have warmer weather for the weekend and sunshine. the cold front is coming down, the steady rain initially and behind that is the low pressure, and we will get the energy for the thunderstorms and the possibility of hail and snow levels that are very low. through 9:00 or 10:00 you can see the rain is in the north bay and it moves through the heart of the bay from 9:00 through 1:00 o'clock and the exits the south by at 2:00 with scattered showers in the evening and overnight hours and snow to the north and the north bay mountains and snow on mount hamilton getting a couple of is and headed to tomorrow afternoon the sunshine breaks out and looks like our rainfall amounts are light. up to .5" if you are caught under the strong thunderstorm. the tides are highest at 8:33. tomorrow, at 9:28 in the morning. saturday at 10:21. throw mid-50's today and tomorrow and mid-50's on saturday and up to mid-60's sunday through wednesday. >> back to the san mateo bridge where traffic is
the low and center of energy is, well to the north, and most of the radar returns from post land to seattle. they will stay there. it will be a quiet cold front today. when we get into it you can see a break and this is the extra sunshine for tomorrow, after the system falls apart today. and you go out here and this is the next system, not a lot of cloud cover, just a chance of showers for thursday. in fact, the best chance right in the morning hours in the north bay, and, then, right through the heart of rush hour, through the heart of the bay, and exiting the south bay by about noon. it gives you an how idea how fast it will move through and we will have .1" or at best .25". >> south 680, before industrial, cleared. bart and muni on time, and caltrain has possibly electric problems in san francisco that could cause train delays. we will for the that for you. right now it is working supportly but that could change. otherwise, road work, north 87 the ramp to northbound 280 is partly blocked until 6:00 this morning, and a look at the san mateo bridge commute, it is 15 minutes from
of washington or the majority of our interior's located, she is an expert on the energy and climate issues that are going to shape our future. committed to building our nation-to-nation relationships with indian country and the links between conserks and good jobs and no contradiction between being good stewards of land. she has shown that a company of more than $1 billion in sales can do the right thing for our planet. sali's broad expertise and set of values i know are going to serve her well as she takes on these new challenges. she has a wonderful and supportive family who i understand enjoy the great outdoors. so they have a vested interest in making sure that the department of interior is doing the right thing and when sali's confirmed, i'm willing to bet she will be the first interior secretary to climb mountains in the antarctica, which is not something i think of doing, because it seems like it would be cold. and i was born in hawaii. [laughter] >> you can see all of this announcement of sali jewell's nomination for interior secretary at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we'll hear from ken sala
growth equities. look at some energy stocks this year have done very well. up 14%. market is up 6%. they are up 14%. your drilling stocks, you want to be in these sectors liz that have exposure to global growth. you want to be in the healthcare sector. it's a sector emphasis. we think the average will be lower but we think you have got emerging markets, japan, europe, those is where we would be focused. liz: people missed a year ago when you were standing here and saying you should be comfortable with having a decent portion of your portfolio in equities. have they missed it? am i overstating that? too late to get in? >> i don't think they've -- i think you want to watch any pullback and let that pullback take place and then buy on any pullback. basically your four p's, profits, production, personal income and politics. that's the one thing that could throw things into politics. debt downgrade of the united states, liz. liz: s&p already downgraded us a year ago, august. >> a year ago august, the following month, it happened at 5:15 on august the 5th, 2011, a year ago august. augus
ounce of energy pip never want to have to be in the same room as beyonce. >> wait she strutted on stage, that is just like michelle coming on to the set. she does have a strut, michelle caruso-cabrera does. i will say that for sure. the nfl says that is not the case, she doesn't cause it. but if there was a power surge and it sucked up energy and then it was gone, maybe there was something to it. but the nfl, as of an hour ago, said she did not have anything to do with it. >> i thought it was beautiful, camera work was just amazing. it was the cam ro work i was paying attention to. sue, help me. >> i'm sure 2 was, ty, absolutely. >> let's talk about clor ox, shall we? strong quarter for that company. stock at historic highs. soundly beating estimates because the severe flu season boosting sales of disinfectant wipes. stock up about 1 1/3 percent. clor ox's ceo will be on here on cnbc. >> and. man behind the broadway hit "the lion king." car running like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotate
beaten down over the last couple of years. this is tech, this is energy, this is big cap, industrials, these are stocks that have basically been -- that have gotten cheaper over the last couple of years, around fears of a global recession, around fears that the rest of the world isn't as strong as the u.s. today, i think that it's time to really reverse that trade and go back into some of the more globally geared gdp sensitive stocks that are cheap, they're underowned, and it looks like the global economy could actually outpace the u.s. this year, and for the next couple of years. >> savita we talked to a bunch of strategists this year who are, i would say, aggressive to -- i mean, mixed in terms of their defensive nature regarding sector allocation, that they might step on the accelerator later on in the year once we get past some of the d.c. deadlines and go more cyclical, go more economically sensitive. would your advice be to err on the side of aggressive? >> i think it's -- there's no better time to do it than now. the reason is that, you know, i think the market looks through a
. >> there is a box between the superdome and facebook -- i mean, facebook, there you go -- superdome and energy. unfortunately the nfl has people who are very good engineers who were able to get the two sides to work, and that's why it came back. >> goodell also said, don't count new orleans out. >> coin star is down by 6.5%. earnings came in. they disappointed. the takeaway that a lot of analysts on the street this morning are making is that they are losing more share to netflix. they got a video streaming service, still in the beta stages. that's not going to help them right now. it's on the way. on the way may be too late. we're seeing shares under pressure. >> headwinds there, obviously, from the -- there's a couple of things, the dvd comps continue to show. netflix did pick up 2 million people. they came from somewhere. i think that this is a story where they try to put the best face possible on it. i don't think they succeeded. >> yeah. >> google, quit note here from morgan stanley, adding it to the best ideas list. target goes to 932. youtube, the most underappreciated, a sliver of the t
, there'ers a haa llmark car. >> happening now, representatives of energy in new orleans and are going to provide a report on the cause of the outage at the super bowl perry ed a. power co. says of the super bowl blackout was caused by a faulty device that had been installed to prevent the cables and leading to the super dome from felling. the company officials say that the device did not have any problems born january 6t or of r events. the device has since been removed. company officials plan to install replacement equipment. the power failure cut lights to about half of the stadium for 34 minutes and halted the plate during the game. >> the number of americans that are age 65 and older with alzheimer's is expected to triple by 2015. according to a new study, 13.8 million will have the disease by then. researchers say that this study draws attention to an urgent need for more research, treatment and preventative strategies to reduce this epidemic. alzheimer's, is the leading cause of dementia that now affects more than 5 million americans and 38 million people worldwide. >> people wh
in egypt. >>> energy secretary steven chu is resigning. in a statement, president obama said chu helped move the country toward energy independence citing department programs in wind and solar power. chu will stay on until the end of the month and until a successor is confirmed. those are the headlines. back to tracy and ashley. ashley: rick folbaum, thanks so much. the u.s. economy added 157,000 jobs in january, while the unemployment rate it ticked up to 7.9% but today's report represents only a fraction of the 12 million americans looking for work. peter barnes joins us from the labor department with more on that story, peter? >> hey, ashley. 4.7 million of those 12 million people have been unemployed for 27 weeks or longer. that's about 40% of the stolt -- total unemployment. the white house is not doing any high-fives about the jobs report today but it will take it. the president's top economist alan krueger telling me this morning that the report and some other economic indicators paint a picture of an economy that is slowly healing but not back to full they will health just yet.
board. 2.2 billion moved on the nasdaq. the materials sector was the weakest, falling 0.9%. the energy and conmer discretionary sectors dropped 0.5% each. dow chemical was in focus among material stocks. it wants to save two and a half billion dollars as it wrestles with weak demand out of europe, and a slowdown in revenues across all its divisions except for its ag business. stripping out the restructuring costs and one-tme items, earnings per share were up from last year, but a penny less than estimates. the steepest revenue drop came in dow's performance materials business, producing solvents and polyurethanes. the stock fell 7% on heavy volume. is is its lest price since late december. while the company is cautious, it said chinese demand is improving, and it sees encouraging trends with its u.s. customers. murphy oil's disappointing outlook hit its stock today, sending shares down from an 11 month high. the stock fell 5.3%. murphy is in the midst of splitting off its oil refining and distribution business in order to concentrate on exploration and production. as darren reported at
. it the -- the energy situation is tempered by one thing, the white house, so many of the key stone pipeline, there is the president's true colors, there shows there may be no fossil future blessing for everything. i don't want to detract from the optimism all over the place. the hope that is republican party starts talking business. then there is a chance, they don't feel post-fiscal cliff, they don't feel washington is the enemy anywhere. ♪ [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ the all-new cadillac ats -- 2013 north american car of the year. ♪ for a limited time, take advantage of this exceptional offer on the all-new cadillac ats.
out the latest in energy and metals. sharon? >> jim, several traders telling me thr egetting out of their long positions this morning, looking at the supply issues here in the u.s. two factors contributing to the fact that we're looking at a dollar slide here in the u.s. oil prices, just above $95 a barrel. one of them is the bearish data we got on inventories from the american petroleum institute last night. another factor is that supply glut we continue to have in the midwest. it's likely to remain there a bit longer. the largest refinery in the midwest, bp refinery is not likely to restart its key crude unit until the middle of this year. that was a surprise to the market place, contributing to the slide. we're looking at a slight decline in brent crude prices as well, backing off a 4.5-month high. there have been productions issues in the north sea but they pale in comparison to what we're seeing here in the u.s. the supply concerns here are the big reason we're looking at the differential between brent crude and wti crude prices, above $20. highest price differential of 2013
. they are jealous how well waste management is doing with the fuel. it is a 2016 proposition for them. the energy situation is tempered by one thing, the intransigent white house, so many of the keystone pipeline, there is the president's true colors, there shows there may be no fossil fuel blessing for everything. i don't want to detract from the optimism all over the place. the hope is that republican party starts talking business. then there is a chance, they don't feel post-fiscal cliff, that washington is the enemy anymore.
on the energy complex, brent crude, looking at brent like it wants to get above that $118 level, 4 1/2-month high now, continue to watch what is happening with iran and the fact that iran has backed away from earlier this week saying it may consider having direct talks with the u.s. that reintroduces the risk premium into the oil market. we are also keeping our eye on saudi production. the latest figures seem to show that saudi production is around 9 million barrels per day in january, the same as december, but that is stale reduction from what we have seen and it is the lowest level we have seen in about a year and a half that is also supportive of brent crude prices. keep your eye as well on gold. gold continues to follow the euro lower. back to you, david r >> thanks very much, sharon epperson. >>> yesterday, of course, talking about two large deals, the leveraged buy out-of-dell and liberty global's plan to buy virgin media. jim had brought up at the time as well, hey, signs of confidence, certainly it is that. it is also a sign of cheap money and something that is worth revisiting as we
's cold front is well out of the way, the trough moving through right now is the last bit of energy with this system but with the counterclockwise show it will try to mutt -- push the showers through our neighbor. by noon, mostly sunny-to-partly cloudy. in the evening hours, it will chill quickly so expect to need a heavier coat. headed to the beaches or around the bay shore we have king tides at 9:28 and tomorrow at 10:21 and to pebble beep, scattered showers and bottom own at 41 degrees and topping at 52. headed to fan fest, tomorrow, at at&t park, 48 at 10:00 and 55 degrees at 3:00. enjoy that day with mostly sunny skies. >> sunny tomorrow and into sunday and temperatures warming two or three degrees each day. next week is mostly sunny and dry and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us. eric and kristen? >> thank you. ahead five things to know before you go. >> the morning news ret >> and now the abc traffic center, the bay bridge is mid way on the screen you can see blinking flashing lights what going on on the other side of treasure island
an energy department battery expert. u.s. manufacturing activity grew at a faster pace us month. the institute for supply management says the index of manufacturing activity jumped to a better than expected leading of 531. any reading over 50 signals expansion. and you are getting up bell went the old sales line, only this time it could be from a private company. rumors that dell could announce a deal to go private monday. driving share prices of more than 3 percent today. as the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. ♪ [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choo any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. now this...will work. [ ale announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go naonal. go like a pro. ♪ david: advertising and internet products on tv is always a tough sell, except for our next
throughout the u.s. are considering a ban on energy drinks such as a-hour energy and red bull. a recent study found emergency room visits linked to such drinks doubled over the past four years. in 2011, the energy drink industry was valued at $8.9 billion. can i just say, anybody feel comfortable -- does anybody drink those thing? >> no. >> kids. >> have you guys ever drank red bull? i've known a few adults -- i know the "morning joe" staff does. >> it's not good for you. >> i've been worried about them. >> morning joe" staff has it on an i.v. drip. >> you ever do red bull? >> i've sampled it. >> i think heilmann has sampled everything at one point in time. >> it's kind of asked and answered. >> it's perfecty legal. >> it is perfectly legal. i would be concerned about my children. >> i think it's on the line, actually. >> yes, there's a lot of caffeine and sugar in that thing. that's all it is. >> and the kids line up at starbucks getting these really strong drinks, too. i think we're going to have a problem. i don't want to get you all mad at me. >> i mix it with vodka now and then. >> which
emerging markets. i'd buy financials. i'd stick with them. i'd stick with energy. i'd stick with mlps. i like a number of other sectors. >> what about the quality issue? that he just brought up. >> i disagree. i think with the s&p having reported at least 50% of the companies maybe over 60%, the earnings have been good. positively mostly good. >> outside of financials, yes. absolutely. the financials have done well, but if you dig down underneath, what you really see is a cost cutting story. it's not a revenue story. >> right. and they're still cutting costs. >> i agree. >> we'll leave it there. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >>> and later on we'll take the pulse of the economy from a company that takes everything. donl knaus will join us. today his stock is at an all-time high. >>> meantime heading towards the close with 20 minutes to go. looks like this may be the worst decline for the dow so far this year. the dow with the worst decline was 255 points. we'll keep an eye on this. >>> some top wall street executives sold their company stocks ahead of the rally. wait until you he
like education and training, energy and national security will cost us jobs, and it will slow down our recovery. it's not the right thing to do for the economy. it's not the right thing for folks who are out there still looking for work. and the good news is this doesn't have to happen. for all the drama and disagreements that we've had over the past few years, democrats and republicans have still been able to come together and cut the deficit by more than $2.5 trillion through a mix of spending cuts and higher rates on taxes for the wealthy. a balanced approach has achieved more than $2.5 trillion in deficit reduction. that's more than halfway towards the $4 trillion in deficit reduction that economists and elected officials from both parties believe is required to stabilize our debt. so we've made progress. and i still believe that we can finish the job with a balanced mix of spending cuts and more tax reform. the proposals that i put forward during the fiscal cliff negotiations in discussions with speaker boehner and others are still very much on the table. i just want to repeat, th
say since yahoo! needs the help it will benefit more, and it will now be able to focus its energies on creating content and on a small number of ad partnerships. >> thanks so much. which stock would make you more money if you bought it right here, yahoo!or google? we want to do talking numbers. technical side of the story, richard ross with global technical strategy and on the fundamentals jeff kilberg founder of kkm financial and a cnbc couldn't boughtor. gentlemen, good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> maria, how are you? >> interesting story here, this pa partnership. would you buy either stock here on the heels of the fundamental story? >> well, maria, certainly feels like valentine's day is getting pretty close as we do see yahoo! and google connect, but i like google. let me lay out the case why i like yahoo! more. marisa myer, folks have underestimated her and i really think she's turned around the company in the last seven months. keep in mind, she was stanford university graduate, two degrees, and she specialized in artificial intelligence. that artificial intelligence
developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ >>> we're keeping a close eye on what could be a record-breaking storm affecting millions across the northeast. two massive weather systems are on track to converge overnight. blizzard warnings are in effect for boston, new york, providence. some areas could be digging out from several feet of snow. the travel nightmare could soon be felt across the country as flight cancellations pile up creating a ripple effect at airports from coast to coast. amtrak is suspended service from new york city up into new england. some salt trucks already hitting the road getting a head start before the storm hits. we're joined by our meteorologist chad myers. when can we expect these two massive storms to meet, and what kind of an impact are we talking about? >> looks like 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning is when the first snowflakes will star
rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ the top shot in every unit i have been in. i will utilize every bit of small arms training i have been given. >> weak-side shooting. really good shooters have a hard time switching from a right hand to a left hand. if you're shooting from a concealed position, if you can shoot from your weak side, you might not have to expose as much of your boggy and be a smaller target and still -- shoot from your weak side, you might not have to expose as much of your boggy and be a smaller target and still -- >> would they obviously have more specific training? >> no, no special operations training. but he did serve in a riverine unit, sort of the old brown water navy, doing a lot of security operations, securing oil platforms, so he has more prior fire arms training than a typic
, it just has had no energy at all and we are sitting near several week lows here on amazon. i'm not saying it is a problem but it is looking topee. >> certainly. yeah. thank you, bob. see you later. >> let's go uptown and head to the nasdaq. seema mody is following big movers over there. >> apple shares bucking the downward trend and equities. we are seeing the stock up about .1%. einhorn of greenlight capital saying apple should use its cash. speaking of allocations strategy, apple outperforming the average dividend yield on the s&p 500. according to wisdom tree, apple needs to increase dividend by 5% to become the largest dividend payer in the united states. let's move on to blackberry. shares approaching 52-week after after thumb's up at w fargo. lastly another space to track, indian tech. those stocks in focus. two things, first indian's outlook for the year below street expectations. that is putting pressure on adrs but cognizant tech, with an up tick in demand from european client. interesting. tyler, back to you. >> thank you. >>> how do you stay relevant in a fast changing world mo
leaving the obama administration today, energy secretary steven chu. he says he will stay on until late february or maybe a little beyond that. chu was a leadinged avoluntary kalt f advocate for alternative energy development. chu says he would like to return to teaching and to research. >>> superstorm sandy left new york littered with enough debris to fill the empire state building three times over. but now more than 95% of that debris has been removed. that's what we're getting according to fema. homeowners, neighbors, volunteers pitched in to help these workers remove the debris in 95 days. just this week, as we have reported, congress approved $51 billion in disaster relief for the victims. >>> terse response from senator robert menendez to allegations he partied with prostitutes during trips to the caribbean. reporters caught up with the new jersey democrat after an event last night, asked him if he had violated campaign finance laws on the trips. here was his response. >> anonymous allegations. >> menendez released a statement earlier calling the allegations false. and the work of
? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >>> good morning. welcome back to "early start." a reported sighting overnight of chris fetopher dorner, the fire lapd officer, who has declared revenge war. dorner may have been spotted this morning. he's already killed three people, including a cop. his chilling message delivered in an online manifesto. cnn's anderson cooper has a closer look at that. >> the subject line reads "last resort." it's perhaps the only explanation we'll ever hear from the alleged shooter christopher dorner. over 11,000 words posted on his facebook page earlier today address simply "to america." it's pages and pages of threats and rambling opinions, and it is chilling to read. had writes, quote, i know i'll be vilified by the lapd and the media. unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that i do not enjoy but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur within the lapd and reclaim my name. the question is, what would you do to clear y
. a recent report from the department of energy revealed americans shelled out about 4% of their income on gasoline. the futures are rebounding. the u.s. government is expected to file civil charges against standard & poor's ratings services, alleging that it improperly gave high ratings to mortgage debt that later plunged in value and helped fuel the 2008 financial crisis. the charges would mark the first enforcement action the government has taken against a major rating agency >> bay area news, we are learning new details about the prime suspect in the kevin collins kidnapping. the san francisco abduction made national headlines in 19-84. dan therrien.who went by the nickname kelly. spent the last few years of his life crippled with arthritis. a former employer told kron 4, that she is surprised that therrien is a suspect in the decades old mystery. she says, he worked from home. occasionally painting custom home furnishing. and he also fixed old cars. therrien also had a longtime partner name jack chow. they were together for more than 30 years, chow is not believed to be a suspect i
, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >>> right then, here's "the play of the day." >> we are -- we have chosen today, we were going to try a two-person bo-fer. >> wow, that's new. >> all right. amy's going to sit tight. we're going to bring you a texan-sized wedding story. take a look at this couple's cake. that's the groom's cake. it was a gigantic j.j. watt cake in houston. this is one of the great, good guys. >> the muscles might be something. >> he's the a.p. nfl defensive player of the year. a great player. a great guy. this was on twitter. after seeing the cake on twitter -- i'm not sure we have a picture. j.j. watt, h
, the public investment that we need to have, fiscal restraint. reform and education and energy and so much else. who the next president is is very important. i think there are a number of very good democrats to carry that. >> carry the torch? okay. bob rubin, thank you for being here this morning. >> you're more than welcome. >> come on back. we've got to do this more frequently. >> okay. >> i've got to try. coming up we have breaking economic data around the corner. closely watched weekly jobless claims and fourth quarter productivity numbers at 8:30 eastern. ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight. ♪ ♪ back against the wall ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ ain't nothin to me [ crowd murmurs ] hey! ♪ [ howls ] ♪ get ready for a lot more of that new-plane smell. we're building the youngest, most modern fleet among the lar
and nanoelectronics will impact many aspect of the economy. health care, energy, transportation, safety, security, and many more. china and korea understand that the country that leads in nanoelectronics will reap economic benefits way the u.s. has dominated the last fifty years where the microelectronics are. fourth point, i think there are four areas that changes in policies need to be focused. to scare change outcome. first, the federal funding and basic research. even in tough economic times, we must protect the investment in the future. second, is we must make a priority for world class stem education k through 12 in the u.s. it needs to be a national imperative implemented on a local basis. three, high skill immigration reform. i appreciate the leadership that mr. chairman, you have shown and mrs. lofgren on the issues and we look forward to hopefully resolution to it. and in fourth, is exomp hencive tax reform for u.s. companies to complete globally. the world has changed considerably since 1986, the last time taxes were considerably reformed. we must have an environment where u.s. headqua
energy through that area before it makes its way through new england. so all of this again friday afternoon through saturday morning. we'll continue to monitor here at cnn. >>> also new this morning, u.s. secrets possibly exposed. iran claiming it's decoded now released some footage from a downed u.s. drone. the man identified as a member of iran's military narrated the black and white aerial footage as it was broadcast on iranian state media. he claims that it's a drone that iran downed back in 2011. >>> also this morning, president obama giving in to congressional demands. he will release classified documents that explain the legal justification for drone strikes that kill u.s. terror suspects overseas. >>> and adding to the drama, john brennan, the president's pick to head the cia and the architect of the drone policy, he'll appear before the senate intelligence committee today. lots to talk about with barbara starr who's following all these developments for us this morning from the pentagon. barbara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. all about spice and drones
's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >>> right then. here's "the play of the day." >> we are -- we have chosen today, we were going to try a two-person bo-fer. >> that's new. >> all right. amy's going to sit tight. we're going to bring you a texan-sized wedding story. look at this couple's cake. that's the groom's cake. it was a gigantic j.j. watt cake. one of the great good guys. >> the muscles might be something. >> the a.p. nfl defensive player of the year. a great player. a great guy. after seeing the cake on twitter -- i'm not sure we have a picture. j.j. watt, he goes to the house, knocks on the door. >> hello. >> that's great. >> and surprises the couple. this is a guy who heard, you know, a 6-year-old girl wanted to marry him, so, he did a proposal with a ring pop. he brought a lot of the newtown kids to houston, just a couple of days after the tragedy there. >> we love you. >> this is one of the great guys in sports. and thank you, j.j. watt, once again, for doing that. >> how about a bo-fer. adding
in a few weeks. the noble prize recipient has been a leading candidate for energy alternatives. a solar company went bankrupt after receiving federal financing. chu says he wants to return to teaching. president obama thanked him for his, quote, dedicated service. >>> take a look at this. the 2012 elections all told, spent $7 billion. that's according to the federal election commission. and that amount, in case you're wondering, is equal to 28 787 boeing planes or 70 private islands or how about this, 50 billion polio vaccines. if you think that amount of money is a lot, well, it is expected to rise in the future. were you surprised by that number, wolf? $7 billion? >> that's not just for the presidential races. it's for senate races, candidate races, all of the races. >> but that's a huge sum that we're talking about. >> advertising executives, mass mailings, executives, political operatives, they made a lot of money last year. >> everyone says this, the number is only going in one direction, up. >> a lot of advertising. thank very much. >>> hillary clinton's tenure as the secretary of
're stuck in your car without heat, without energy, without food, 24, 48 hours. the wind is going to blow 60, 70 miles per hour, people are in danger if you don't stay home. don't go to school. the boston mayor said, we are not opening schools tomorrow. i want all of you out of our streets by noon. he was serious. i watched his press conference at 12:30. he's concerned that people are going to put themselves in danger if they don't take precautions for a storm of this magnitude. >> very quickly, power outages. how worried should folks be worried about that? >> at least 100,000 people without power. the winds here across boston up into new hampshire, if you're going to be blowing winds at 75 miles per hour and you already have snow on the trees, there could easily be a million people without power and those power line companies can't get back up in their buckets, can't get in their trucks until the winds come down below 25. providence, winds up to 59 miles per hour. 70 miles per hour wind with this storm expected. >> chad, thank you. good advice to our viewers as well. to get the latest storm
use and cities as for parking. we get stuck in traffic jams. 90% of the energy that we use is by automated self driving vehicles. advancing that in education. within the next five years, we are going to have another 3 billion people coming on the internet worldwide. the government can talk to each other, imagine what happens over the next five or so years with technology. it is all because of technology. people like me, engineers, scientists, whole assortment of people. until recently, 50% of silicon valley, the most innovative part of the country. we are reinventing america. it is all about skills. the people that are making this happen are engineers and scientists and doctors and most importantly entrepreneurs. so we have a choice right now. we can reinvent america and create a better world. we can create security that protects us and we can do all of these things right now, all within the next five or seven years. i can guarantee that five years from now, we will be talking about the changes. we are talking about many other things becoming abundant. our entrepreneurs, ou
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